Energy Data for Homes
Know Precisely What Each Device Is Costing You, When It Needs Maintenance, And When It Is Going To Fail.

Insight Into Electrical Usage &

Performance on a Device Level

Every single device has a unique electrical signature that can be reliably identified, tracked, and logged. Patterns in the signatures over time reveal specific information about device performance, extent of use, and even reveal when the device requires maintenance or there is an impending failure.

Real Time Device Level
Electricity Costs

The CurrentSee app represents device level electricity consumption in dollars, providing you a real time snapshot that directly connects electricity consumption with costs.


The software creates passive awareness of energy usage and provides the tools and data to be as active as you want to be when monitoring your electrical consumption.


Over time, historical data and trends assist in identifying conservation and efficiency opportunities that will save you money.



Predictive Analytics

In each device level energy profile changes in the signature reveal the internal wear and tear of every device that would otherwise go undetected for weeks or months.


CurrentSee will immediately notify you when a device is performing improperly when the problem is small, giving you time to plan for upkeep and prepare for any disruption.


Passive Security; Monitor When Your Devices Are Used

Device level energy profiles allow you to monitor and track when items around your home are turned ON/OFF and you can set real time notifications to alert you in order to maintain passive awareness of what is going on in your home when you are not there.

Simple Installation

The installation of the CurrentSee Energy Monitoring System does not interrupt power and only takes a few minutes


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the CurrentSee Energy Monitoring System detect all of my devices?

The short answer is not yet.


Every device that consumes electricity does so in a distinct way that can be identified through analysis of the electrical signature. The larger the power consumption, the less data is required to determine the device with accuracy. The lower the power consumption, the more data is required to determine the device with accuracy. Devices that consume very little power are difficult to detect upon installation. Over time, the CurrentSee Energy Monitoring System becomes more accurate and reliable with automatic detection.

Is there a subscription fee for the app?

There is no subscription fee to access the application and to begin tracking your power consumption. As our company grows, we will explore options based upon clear value propositions and feedback from the customer base.

How much bandwidth does this consume daily?

The CurrentSee Energy Monitoring System is highly efficient with data transfer and uses minimal bandwidth (~1 MB a day).

Can this be installed in any electrical panel?

The CurrentSee Clip are designed to be installed in main panels that house 240V power and less. Future Clips are being developed for higher voltages.

Does the CurrentSee Clip measure Voltage?

Yes. The CurrentSee Clip uses a proprietary method to wirelessly measure Voltage which allows the software to log many different values with just a simple clip installation including Volts, Amps, Watts, Watt-hours, Frequency (Hz), Volt-Amps, Volt-Amp Reactive, and Total Harmonic Distortion

How much power does each CurrentSee Clip consume?

The CurrentSee Clip uses less than 1 Watt of power to perform all of the tasks and report the data wirelessly. That is the equivalent to the amount of power used by a 60W lightbulb being turned on for 1 minute.

Is this for a home or a business?

The CurrentSee Energy Monitoring System is a universal solution that provides real time data on electrical energy flow through wires. The initial CurrentSee Clip is appropriate for any application that uses 300V power or less making it useful for both homes and businesses. We will be releasing a 500V solution in the near future.

What happens if a surge enters the network?

Surges do not affect the CurrentSee Energy Monitoring System, although they will be logged so the customer will be aware of the frequency of such events and have the information available to determine if any additional protection is required.

Do I need an electrician to install?

No. An electrician is not required, although we will add the caveat that if you feel uncomfortable removing the front face of the main panel and clipping this sensor around a live wire, then you should hire an electrician. The CurrentSee Clip was designed to be installed without ever disrupting the power in less than 5 minutes by an inexperienced person so the cost of the electrician will be minimal.

Is this available outside the US?

Yes. It is available for purchase online and can be used anywhere on earth as is without any modifications as long as there is a tiny amount of current running through the line and there is a viable wireless connection.

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